Optimised Engineered Lumber (OEL™)

OEL™ is a breakthrough building material technology

A major advantage of OEL™ is that it grades as glulam, a form of laminated engineered wood product, and glulam out-performs the market specification in New Zealand and Australia for comparable graded structural lumber that it directly substitutes for. OEL™ also has the potential to be manufactured from comparatively lower value New Zealand Radiata pine K grade or similar logs which are abundantly available and exported in large quantities (approx. 40% of all log exports).


Our Technology

  • Break Through Building Material

    Strong, straight, stable and competitively priced – much less likely to warp, twist, bow, or shrink - a significantly better building material solution

  • Optimised

    For strength, uniformity, and tight specification – provides the potential to replace steel and concrete in many applications

  • Environmental

    Utilises the lesser value saw-log from New Zealand sustainable plantation forests – logs produced in large quantities whenever a plantation forest is harvested

  • Multi Layer Wood Lamina

    Allows for a greater yield of high value structural product from a single log

Residential Housing

OEL™ is a direct substitute for solid structural lumber offering strong, straight, dimensional stable characteristics in sizes and lengths not readily available from traditional lumber. 

This opens up opportunities for optimisation in residential housing design to use less and stronger wood together with efficiencies in building, through requiring less rework caused by warping and other dimensional issues often found with sawn lumber. 

Prefabricated Construction

OEL™ lends itself to being a key raw material to support the increasing adoption of prefabricated contruction to support building faster and more cost effectively. Its precise design characteristics, dimensional stability and availability of different cross sections means to can be deployed with other advanced building materials in precise prefabricated components. 

High rise / commercial construction

OEL™ will play a key role with building as wood has a larger part in the future of high rise and commercial construction. Wood is a viable and often far superior alternative to traditional materials such as steel or concrete. 

Wood offers environmental and social benefits, together with cost and performance improvements, further emphasised when environments are more prone to ground stability issues such as earthquakes.  

Industry 4.0

Wood Engineering Technology (WET) has embraced internationally recognised Industry 4.0 concepts to produce highly innovative products in truly state of the art advanced manufacturing facilities. 


Wood Engineering Technology (WET) has a foundational sustainability focus in all we do. From our utilisation of only sustainably grown logs and environmentally friendly raw materials, through our low environmental impact production facilities, to the fact we produce wood based products, the most sustainable of all building materials.

WET strives to be at the forefront of sustainable and environmentally friendly buildings within our residential and commercial sectors.