• Wood Engineering Technology Limited (WET) has developed a breakthrough product, OEL™, an engineered wood product that unlocks the value of sustainably grown forests here in New Zealand and abroad

  • The customers for OEL™ are structural lumber and laminated lumber users who should value highly the superior performance rating of OEL™

  • “the potential of the OEL™ technology could be significant for the New Zealand forestry and wood processing industry, and the economy more broadly”

  • "engineered wood products will be the preferred building material of the 21st Century driven by the need to transition to a low carbon environment and a preference for products derived from renewable resources"

The Product

OEL™ is a direct substitute for solid structural lumber produced in a traditional sawmill. However, OEL™ is a superior product with a higher performance rating compared to solid lumber and comparable to other high performing engineered wood products but at an attractive price point.

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Wood Engineering Technology (WET) cannot be successful without our partners. WET has partnered with a number of suppliers, customers and regional development entities to bring OEL™ to life and further grow the business.

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Wood Engineering Technology (WET) has a talented bunch of individuals focused on delivering success. From the Directors, through to the Process Technicians and Engineers optimising and enhancing the plant, we all have important roles to play. 

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