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Our Story

Wood Engineering Technology (WET) was formed in 2003 by a group of Auckland-based investors with international technical and commercial experience and track records in forestry, wood processing and bringing emerging technology to market.

At WET we’ve been working on a product that has the potential to revolutionise the wood industry in New Zealand. Keep reading to find out more….

New Zealand has big forests of fast growing Radiata pine trees, planted by public and private investors. Some of these logs are exported to Asian markets and some are processed domestically by sawmills. The logs are cut up and separated into high value strong wood (used for structural lumber) and low value weak wood (used for products like boxes, pallets and crates). Historically only around half of the wood recovered in New Zealand is high value structural lumber.

WET has figured out a design and process for turning low value weak wood into high value structural strength lumber. We’ve called this new structural lumber “optimised engineered lumber” or OEL™ for short. Every piece of OEL™ is built like an I-beam strong, straight and ideal for building houses. Just what builders prefer. Our product is also well suited to replacing steel and concrete as wood increasingly becomes a sustainable and high performing building material choice in medium, high density and commercial building applications.  

WET has trialled a pilot wood processing plant and the OEL™ produced has been independently tested and confirmed by scientists at Scion, New Zealand’s premier forest products research facility. We’re confident our unique OEL™ production process gives us 100% high value engineered structural lumber that meets New Zealand strength and durability performance standards.

WET sees a global opportunity for its technology and has received government backing through technology grants. Market demand has already been shown to exist in New Zealand and Australia at an attractive price.

Our first full scale plant has been built in Gisborne, New Zealand, under a partnership with the Trust Tairāwhiti. We intend to build further plants in multiple regions in New Zealand and are looking elsewhere around the globe for appropriate opportunities. 

If you would like to know more or become involved please contact us for more information.