Forestry Meeting Industry 4.0

Cutting-edge production techniques and innovative design are opening new opportunities for New Zealand’s forestry sector and for Wood Engineering Technology that means converting second-rate, low-value logs – destined for woodchips – into quality timber.  

At a glance

  • A sustained commitment to R&D has seen Wood Engineering Technology (WET) develop glue-laminated timber products that are sustainable alternatives to concrete and steel.
  • WET’s plant in Gisborne incorporates Industry 4.0 principles including automation, data-driven decision-making and real-time analytics fed by well over 2000 sensor inputs and outputs.
  • The timber beams that WET produces offer lighter and more flexible building materials and their production creates fewer carbon emissions.
  • WET is now raising capital with a view to operating its modular lumber plants near forestry regions around New Zealand.